Playing Among Us in Any Device is as Easy as Pie

If we tell you what the biggest game of 2020 is, you will probably not be surprised. Does Among Us ring a bell? Well, that is because it is 2020s biggest game title made by InnerSloth. The main objective of Among Us is social deduction. In the game, you can either be a crew member or an impostor. They are very different roles. Playing as crewmate or impostor are equally thrilling in a lot of ways.

There are a lot of reasons why Among Us is, safe to say, the biggest game of 2020. Probably the biggest reason is that the game was streamed by a lot of popular Twitch personalities and essentially got free advertising. More than this reason, there are also some less apparent causes why it is extremely popular like Among Us being a cross platform game. What does this mean? Well, it means players who play in various gaming platforms will still be able to play with each other. Those who play on a computer will definitely meet people who play on their phones and vice versa. Among Us is great for those who do not have the sophisticated hardware. Among Us is also great for mobile players who are constantly travelling and looking for entertainment. If you want to download and play Among Us in any of your device, here are some simple how tos!

• How to play Among Us on your PC

If you want an adaptable device in both professional and personal scenarios, then computers are definitely the way to go. On a computer, you can play Among Us through various methods. First, Among Us chrome extension can pay for it for USD5.00. For Among Us chrome extension , USD5.00 is not that bad. On the other hand, there is a path that you can take which does not require payment. Another way to play the game on PC is by using an emulator. Though can you cross play among us is free, it is kind of troublesome in a sense that you would need a Play Store account. The third and arguably best way is by playing on Games.LOL. This application is a gaming platform that allows PC play of all mobile games. The graphics and controls are specially adjusted to make your mobile gaming experience on PC so much better.

Three Easy Steps to play Among Us on Games.LOL:
1. Download the application and the game
2. Launch the application and wait for the download
3. Play and Enjoy!

• How to play Among Us on your mobile device

Among Us is also playable on any mobile device which makes it great for those who do not have a computer or just simply like playing on their phones or tablets. The fact that it can be played on a lot of devices and hardwares is one basis why it has millions upon millions of downloads. You only need to have a Google Play Store or Apple App Store account. Better yet, Among Us mobile is free unlike its computer counterpart. You only need to install the game on your phone and voila! You’re good to go.