Collect Your Fighters and Save the World at Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends, a fighting game and RPG, is available on mobile devices with Android and iOS. The game requires that you gather fighters and use them to duke it out with other real players. Dragon Ball Legends is definitely an enjoyable adventure. It is also a great mobile game since it is quite simple and one can even play it using one hand.

Who are the most powerful characters in Dragon Ball Legends?

In Dragon Ball Legends, fighters are classified into tiers and these tiers correspond to a certain power level. If you are a dedicated player, then checking tier lists might be useful for you. There are a lot of fan sites that has this content and sometimes they do not contain the same things. However, generally, those that are always considered at the top of the food chain are SP Super Saiyan 2 Youth Gohan Red and SP Super Saiyan God Vegito Blue.

Do character colors in Dragon Ball Legends have a meaning behind them?

Players do not win battles by merely clicking buttons. One of these important facets is the various colors of a fighter. The colors are red, yellow, purple, green and blue. The colors signify a specific element and these elements are weaker or stronger against other elements. Also, there are dragon ball icon that is white and black or light and dark.

What do I need to do to summon fighters in Dragon Ball Legends?

An essential component of the game is summoning fighters and creating your very own team. Your summons can dictate the flow of your game. Not every fighter is born equal, so they have corresponding prices if you want them. Dragon Ball Legend’s premium currency, which is the chrono crystal, is what is needed to summon your fighters.

How much is a chrono crystal?

Login bonuses, bugs and maintenance rewards, mission completion, first time chapter completion, challenge completion, campaign completion before deadline, pre-registration reward, and playing ranked matches are some methods in the game to get a precious chrono crystal. Of course, since Dragon Ball Legends is a gacha game, players can also acquire chrono crystals by buying them with real currency.

What are the techniques to win in a Player versus Player battle in Dragon Ball Legends?

Dragon Ball Legends was made into an easy, card-style, fighting RPG using only one hand but it does require some planning especially during battles. You have to take note of a lot of things and most of the time it is not just about the opponent in front of you. As a fighter, you also have to take note of your ki levels, your movements and the way you dodge, and of course your own attach approaches.