Among Us: Player Count and Future News

In November, half a billion people have been recorded to play Among Us. 500 million players also mean that Among Us is now the most played mobile game ever. Among Us is so big right now, and November 2020’s player count has solidified the game as the most played mobile game of all time. Even though Among Us has nothing to prove, a lot of people are still asking if the game is already past its peak. Has the number of players gone down? Is what the game has right now the only content it will ever release? What is the status of Among Us right now? There are no exact answers, only facts, and here are some.

• Simplicity amidst chaos

Among Us is a social deducation game like Mafia. Winning in Among Us requires some pretty coordinated gameplay, mostly from crewmates. The game is quite laidback and isn’t too complex at all. Everyone has a job to do but not all of them are the same. There are many motivations, but these are some that makes players want to play more of Among Us.

• The right exposure

For a lot of people, Among Us’ popularity really rose when popular content creators featured it. It probably became a really good streaming game because it is fun and hilarious to watch. Where is the impostor and who could it be? Who was the last person in the engine room?

• Accessibility

Among Us is a big mobile game. Actually, its biggest scene is in mobile. Even though it is only 3% of the total player base, Among Us on PC is still a very viable option. among us pc can be said without much ado that the accessibility of Among Us grants it a lot of players. Not only that, it is also cross platform which means players can still play with their friends who use a different device.

• The facts

What is in it for Among Us right now and what does the future hold? Here are some facts about the game right now. First, Among Us has recently been released on Nintendo Switch. 70 million units of the celebrated device have already been sold and Among Us is only US$5.00 so we may see a staggering number of new players in the next few months. Second, Among Us has already announced a new map that is a sort of tribute to another Innersloth game – The Henry Stickmin Collection. This new map, which seems to be an airship, has a lot of features that are unique to it.

Combine these two things together and we may yet see a new wave of players for the game. It does not matter if they are playing on mobile or Among Us on PC, all these current and upcoming news is enough to feed the imagination of players. There is one fact that we can be sure of, though, and that is that Among Us is here to stay.