All About Cards in Clash Royale

If you want to be successful in Clash Royale, you must definitely be one step ahead while scheming at the same time. Clash Royale PC isn’t just about the actual battle because a large part of the gameplay takes place prior to duelling another player and that is building up your cards. What are cards exactly? We daresay, the cards are actually the key feature of the game. Cards are the only way players can deploy troops, spells, and buildings into the battlefield. Players have eight cards in their arsenal and, at the beginning of the game, they randomly get four cards except when a player has the mirror and elixir collection.

Each duel of Clash Royale isn’t mindless clicking because everything that a player has done, will do, and will not do shall inevitably affect the outcome of the game. In this entire process, you will notice that cards are an integral part. However, not all cards in the game are created equally. As a part of the game, there are of course weak and strong cards and their usage depends on the conditions of the game. Despite the relatively hard learning process of the game, we’re here to show you what the best cards are no matter what your experience level in Clash Royale is. Note that we did not only rank them by their damage output but also their utility in battles. This list is also comprised of top support, utility, swarm, etc. cards.

• Skeletons
The number of troops that an army has is a very important aspect of defense and offense. Quantity is also important in Clash Royale battles. Skeleton cards are basically already symbolic in the game ever since the very first release of Clash Royale online. In fact, we even dare say that they are useful in any deck. There are two things that make this card fantastic: It is cheap and it has the ability to summon a lot of units in a short span of time.

• Hog Rider
The Hog Rider is so popular that it is frequently mentioned in most Clash Royale articles. Apart from its speedy reflexes, the Hog Rider is also well-known for its ability to traverse rivers as a ground troop. No matter what the stage of the game is, Hog Riders will always be valuable.

• Zap
When talking about cards that exist because of its sheer force, then the Zap is probably way up there. When looking at pure stats alone, the Zap is one of the most used spell in the game. It is one of the most used because of a pretty good reason. For a very low price, the Zap can literally do a lot of things including restarting the Sparky, putting a halt on the Price’s charge, exterminate a skeleton army, reset an Inferno Dragon and Tower, and most importantly, destroy a crown tower that only has a few hit points left.

• Baby Dragon
Supports are just as important as the utility and damage cards, and one support card is a cut above the rest. This support card is called Baby Dragon and it is great in dealing splash damage coupled with its insane health bar. Not only that, Baby Dragon is the only air troop that deals splash damage. What’ Clash Royale Online is that it can be used by new players.

• Bandit
Though it isn’t noted for its health, Bandit is great because she is a melee tank that an avoid ranged attack through her dash. For a melee tank, it falls short on defense but it is nonetheless a powerful card in attacking towers. Also, Bandit is a focused card that can be a winning piece during critical strikes.