ABCya! Is the perfect mixture of funtertainment and schooling

ABCya Games is in today's Standards, a relatively old children's game since it has been in the market since 2004. Through the years, its value as an educational game has improved; especially for parents and teachers that seek both entertainment and educational applications for their children.

Is there a way I can choose custom games in ABCya?

Probably the feature that ABCya! Provides the most importance is suitability of each game according to age. This is the reason why the over 250 games on ABCya! is sorted based on grade levels. There are eight grades in ABCya! which are as follows: pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, grade 4, grade 5, and grade 6. The best way to choose games is, of course, by selecting one that is in the grade of your child. Games are categorized as such not only due to the general substance but also based on the amount of difficulty.

Can my child only study academic subjects on ABCya?

ABCya! Is not only about the usual subject like math or science, there are also topics like animation and drawing which also improve the artistic skills of a child. Knowledge is not just about the basic things like math and science, in addition, it includes things like literature and art and, of course, ABCya! knows this.

How do I pronounce ABCya?

The components of ABCya's names are from basic expressions and subject, or in other words, the alphabet. ABCya! , pronounced"ey-bee-see-ya", is also a combination of the alphabet and the saying"See ya later!" . The result of both of these combinations is an endearing and recognizable name.

Can I play ABCya! for free?

ABCya! is a free game that Is available on multiple platforms, including their very own website. If one plays in the free mode, you will find advertisements but if there's only one user of this game and if your kid is not easily diverted, then the free version is definitely fine. For multiple users in a single time, especially for families, the Premium Family bundle is better and can be available for monthly, every six months, or annual subscription plans. For schools, there is also the Premium Classroom plan that, aside from the premium features, also allows 30 devices to access the game at a single time. If you do want to play with in an all-in-one unblocked and free platform, then Games.LOL is the way to go!

What are the parental controls in ABCya?

As a game that is often used By both teachers and parents in educational ways, ABCya! of course has some Tools that allow teachers and parents to regulate using ABCya! as, despite maths and reading games app -friendly nature, it's still a game nonetheless. The two controls are time limitation and category control, where the category Control gives teachers and parents a limit on the content access.