A Newbie’s Guide to Skits in Gacha Life

Gacha Life is a casual game from Lunime Games which is known for their anime-style casual games. It is arguably one of the most popular casual games right now and for a good reason. What’s great about Gacha Life is that it is designed to be a child-friendly game that allows extensive modification of characters. Characters can have their face, hair, body, clothes, accessories, and even pose adjusted to the players liking. In fact, one could also change the background of your character to fully get the feel of an anime character.

Apart from what has been mentioned, Gacha Life also has different game modes like Studio or Life. Also, there are a few mini-games in Gacha Life. Gacha Life’s mini-games are a true test of one’s speed in reacting. However, probably one of Gacha Life’s most iconic features is the Skit Maker. Skit Maker is a cool feature in Gacha Life that lets players create spoofs of their characters. There are 100 scenes, 16 soundtracks and 25 character slots that are all ready to use in Skit Maker. The Skit Maker is also extremely popular right now for content creators of Youtube and Tiktok. This guide will give you the basic know-how of skit making in Gacha Life.

Step One: Download Gacha Life on phone or PC

Gacha Life can be played on both PC and mobile devices. If you do want to play on computer, Gacha Life is best played on Games.LOL which is a computer software and video game platform that lets players play an optimized version of their favourite mobile games on PC. It is easier to type and setup scenes on a computer, and you could also use third party screen recording applications which could render high definition video.

Step Two: Open the Skit Maker

The Skit Maker feature is found on the home screen of Gacha Life at the left side of your character. The button is located bellow the “rank” button. gacha life game that you will see is pretty jarring and kind of intimidating buttons that seem complicated. Don’t worry! The Skit Maker isn’t as complicated as you think.

Step Three: Choose a catchy skit title

The title of the skit can be changed in the upper middle section. Simply click it and think of the best title for your upcoming skit.

Step Four: Select your characters

To select a character, look at the left part of the screen that is labelled with “left” and “right”. Two characters at most can be chosen to play a part in your skit.

Step Five: Choose the position of your characters

You can change the position of your characters by choosing the left most part of the screen. It is labelled with numbers starting from #1.

Step Six: Create a dialogue for your characters

The dialogue option is in the middle part of the screen and there are two boxes if you have chosen two characters. Create the best dialogue ever so that when you upload your skit, you’ll get a lot of views.

Step Seven: Choose a background, face, and poses

To make your skit even more interesting, try changing the backgrounds, faces, and stance of your character. You can choose from such wide choices!

Step Eight: Publish your skit

You can click the lower right buttons to test play your skit. Make sure to use your best recording application while playing the skit to get the best results!